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Throughout the Eastern and Western world, Ann Shaftel has taught extensively on the preservation of Buddhist treasures, as well as conservation more broadly. Find out more about her upcoming teaching engagements and seminars, or schedule one for your organization.


Find out more about Ann Shaftel's history and expertise, recognized by the great masters of the Buddhist tradition.

"Ms Shaftel is eminentely qualified for this work, with internationally recognised credentials in art conservation, complemented by years of experence working for museums and monestaries internationally."

-His Holiness the 17th Karmapa

Ann Shaftel

Ann Shaftel’s work is at the forefront in the field of thangka conservation worldwide. Ann first saw thangkas in 1955, and since 1970 has worked in the conservation of Buddhist diaspora art for museums, monasteries, universities, dharma centres and for private clients.  Ann is a Fellow of the International Institute for Conservation, Fellow of the American Institute for Conservation, Canadian Association of Professional Conservators, and member of ICOM and ICOMOS.   Her clients include the Rubin Museum of Art, the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities Världskulturmuseerna, American Museum of Natural History, UNESCO, Government of India, and Royal Government of Bhutan. Ann’s international work in Treasure Caretaker Training www.treasurecaretaker.com won the prestigious Digital Empowerment Foundation’s Chairman’s Choice award.  Ann’s many publications on thangka scientific research and conservation methods continued to serve as a valuable resource.

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