Ann Shaftel provides a wide variety of consultation services. For more information, contact her here.

  • Consultation of conservation needs, storage, exhibition, and care of thangka collections in museums, monasteries, dharma centers and universities. We offer on-site visits or telephone and online meeting and discussions.  We offer assessment of your collections needs and  then discuss with you individually your collections care vision. We value your thoughts about the needs of your thangkas.
  •  Preservation planning through Risk Assessment, Disaster Planning and response specifically designed for your thangkas.
  •  Secure and confidential Digital Documentation of your thangkas including descriptions, images and videos.
  •  Storage and Display plans for your thangkas that are practical and effective.
  •  Conservation and Preservation Treatment  according to professional ethical guidelines informed by 50 years of research, scientific investigation  and training in preservation and conservation of thangka painting and collections.