Publications and Videos

Below are a selection of videos and publications. For more on Ann Shaftel’s extensive acedemic writing, please contact her directly.

What Are You Doing to Protect Your Buddhist Treasures?

Thangka Treatments: Forty Years Hindsight

Notes on the Technique of Tibetan Thangkas

Conservation Treatment of Tibetan Thangkas

Intent, In Tents, and Intense

Buddhistdoor View: A Devotional Approach to Preserving Buddhism’s Treasures

Monlam Preservation Workshop: Nuns Learn to Preserve and Protect Monastery Treasures

Well-Preserved Buddhist Artworks are a Paradise for Keen Collectors

Thangka Production in the 18th – 21st Centuries: Documenting the Introduction of Non-Traditional Materials into Himalayan Painting Practice
Part 1
Part 2

Thangkas: Spiritual, but Fake?

Treasure Caretaker Training, Digital Monastery Project